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A new way for the contemporary art market

« If you’ve ever wanted to buy a piece of work but have never had the financial means to, now’s your chance to get involved. Buying and selling shares in artworks has never been easier than on the My Art Invest exchange platform. »

My Art Invest

Table of contents list

Introduction of the company3
An innovating e-business model diversified4
The core target5
Sourcing of artworks6
An innovative internet platform : the new e-business model7 Conclusion10
References :11

Introduction of the company

My Art Invest :

Tom Bastok David founded the company MY ART INVEST in January 2011 to open the market investment in contemporary art to small investors worldwide on the Internet. The concept is to deploy :
• An online gallery offering world-rated artists, carefully selected, in February 25, 2013, 115 works have been uploaded and available to investors • A place of investment in contemporary art reducing the entry ticket of this type of investment, by dividing each piece into 100 equal parts • Establishment of management fees on the resale of shares of a work of art The company holds a diversified its operations through:

• In direct art sale to individuals
• The deployment of an offer for companies (B2B)

The web site of the company is : www.myartinvest.com

My Art Invest is on an innovative positionning on the contemporary art market because actually if you want buy a contemporary art you should go in a galery and you should paid all the price. A lot of people who buy art, it’s people who have a lot of money and they put the art in their galeries or in their home but My Art Invest is focus on three activity for generate benefice, not just the sale of art…

An innovating e-business model diversified

My Art Invest is positionning on three differents activities for generate benefice :

Fisrtly the cession of part of artwork at individual investors. A gallery on the internet offering world-rated artists, carefully selected. A place of investment in contemporary art, with:
• A primary market (buying shares of artwork to My Art Invest) • A secondary market (resale of works between members of the site) • 104 works were on sale between the opening of the website (March 2011) and September 30, 2012 By reducing the input of this type of investment ticket:

• Each work is divided into 100 shares (or 1000 as part of a short-term development), bringing the entry in values ​​between 4 € and 235 € on the first ticket market for an average of 35 € and average basket by buyer of 125 €. • The value of the works currently on sale is between 400 € and 25,000 €. • The shares can then be sold on the secondary market, named scholarship exchange, investors then having the opportunity to realize a profit on their purchase : they pay management fees for the sale and purchase of their shares. • If at the end of a year of on-line keeps a picture of unsold shares, the investors acquired one or more are reimbursed up to the price they paid. • At the end of five years following the sale of a work first market, My Art Invest meets the current owners of the shares and organizes its disposal (in all) on the real market. It’s on this activitiy than i focus because the innovation is here cause the web plateform to put in link customers and artwork.

Secondly, the direct sale as art dealer:
• Customers of My Art Invest ask teams society choose for them works of art and buy their.

Thirdly, the development of an offering dedicated to major accounts

The core target

The concept My Art Invest is addressed :
For the "new market" dimension:
For small shareholders to diversify their asset classes by investing in art with an reasonable entrance ticket For young art lovers assets to engage in investment through a fun and practical way

For the "tax exemption"...

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