Topics: University, Biometrics, Computer Pages: 4 (956 words) Published: September 27, 2014

(Student’s Attendance System)

Group 5
Canlubo, LouiGee Philip
Lumbres, Mercy Jane
Magtibay, Mark Niel
Magsino, Juan Miguel

Chapter I
This project is about designing and developing a system, Student’s Attendance System that will record the attendance of student in First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH).E-Attendance using fingerprint technology to authenticate every student by using their fingerprint in order to get an accurate record. The fingerprint technology is cheaper and easy to implement compared to other biometrics technology. The fingerprint only authenticates the validated student. E-Attendance with the fingerprint features can make the system secure because no student can record their attendance except to be authenticated by the system. Besides provides security, this new system provides efficiency to both lecturers and students. E-Attendance focused on the developing system using NetBeans. This system using personal computer that is run under Windows platform and develop using NetBeans

The objective is important to achieve the goal. The main objectives of this project are: To develop or change into a Paperless System
Eliminated the fact of using paper for the attendance it is a paperless system. The system will automatically send the information of the class attendance through email. To develop the Student’s Attendance System (SAS) using Fingerprint Technology

The first objective is to develop the Student’s Attendance System. This system will integrate with the fingerprint technology. This system will record the attendance of the students in class. This system also will provide the facilities to the faculty to access the information of the students easily.

To compare efficiency between the proposed system and the manual system

The second objective is to compare the manual system with the proposed system. This is important to ensure that...
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