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Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Carlos Stinson
ART 100

The Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla is devoted to the presentation of modern art. The museum presents artwork since 1950. The mission of the museum of contemporary art is to "serve diverse audiences through exhibition, interpretation, collection, and preservation of art created since 1950. " The museum also provides public access to contemporary art, artists, and the creative process. It provides a laboratory for artists to experiment with new forms of creative expression. This museum displays exhibits from a variety of artists.

John Currin and Ryan McGinness are two of the artists that work is displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Each artist provides paintings on canvas. John Currins oil on canvas painting titled "the Hobo" is on display at the museum. Ryan McGinness displays an acrylic painting on canvas titled " The True Knowledge of Things". Both artists provide a unique perspective using canvas.

John Currin is an American painter, known for his figurative paintings. His paintings deal with sexual and social themes. He states his influences as the Renaissance, popular culture magazines, and contemporary fashion models. Many of his paintings distort or exaggerate the female body. He seems to provide an erotic display of the female body. His painting displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art titled "The Hobo", depicts a women in underwear and see-through top as a hobo. The woman is carrying a backpack and has a walking stick. As discussed in the book, Living with Art, Artists use lines as symbols and lines are expressive in themselves. Artists use lines to record the borders of form and to convey direction and motion. In the painting, The Hobo, contour lines are depicting the woman leaning forward, as if swinging her backpack onto her back. Since the woman is leaning slightly forward and the backpack appears slightly posterior, it creates an overall balance of...

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