A Sports Bar

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UK Sports Bar Report

Table of Contents
Background analysis4
Riley’s Sports Bar4
Walkabout Sports Bar4
Unique Selling Point5
Riley's sports bar5
Walkabout sports bar5
Promotions and offers6
Research and analysis8
Playing sports8

This report entails an analysis of UK sports bars including detailed information on background history, day-to-day operations, and promotional offers for each individual organisation.

Background analysis
Riley’s Sports Bar
Riley's sports bar is one of the largest chains of sports bar in the UK. Riley's have 130 sports bars spread across the UK. Riley's offer their members a chance to play Darts, Pool, Snooker and even Poker in their bars. They also show all forms of sports including Football, Rugby, Darts, Snooker, and Boxing to name a few. Riley's is open 7 days a week to members of the club. Walkabout Sports Bar

Walkabout sports bar is a different kind of sports bar compared to Riley's. Walkabout has 34 bars across the UK. Unlike Riley's, Walkabout doesn’t offer their customers a chance to play the sports that Riley's does; they just show sports on the TV. Dugout

Dugout is a sports bar which is run by the hotel it is located in. Dugout is mainly used by residents of the hotel however they do get some custom from people in the local area. Dugout has pool tables for its customers. They show every football game for Liverpool FC which makes it a popular venue for the locals due to it being located in Liverpool’s town centre.

Unique Selling Point
Riley's sports bar
Riley's has a unique selling point of being able to offer 3D televisions in their bars. This makes them a popular venue for all sports on TV as it gives customers a better quality viewing service. Walkabout sports bar

On Friday and Saturday evenings Walkabout sports bar...
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