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Topics: Drunk driving, Driving under the influence, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 5 (1724 words) Published: March 23, 2013
A Paper
Brian Nguyen
Austin Community College
December 4, 2012
ENGL.1301 English Composition 1

Should people who are caught driving drunk lose their licenses for a year? I highly agree anyone who drives drunk and fails a sobriety test should lose their licenses for how much alcohol or illegal drugs the driver consumes. (Ballantyne) This should happen because 40% of accidents are caused by drunk drivers. (Ballantyne) This will make the roads safer and would teach the driver a lesson. Studies indicate that since the law has done this, 800 lives have been saved in a year. (Ballantyne) With the law doing this, I agree it’s a good idea for the law to do this because it will make me feel safer when I’m driving on the roads. But especially for my parents and family don’t have to worry about me getting in an accident and getting hurt. I think if anybody suspects a drunk driver on the road, they should call the police and report their licenses plate number and location. And the cops will take care of the situation and keep the roads safe. Back in fall 2008, my cousin Joe Nguyen was 18 and picking up two of my other friends from a party out of town. He knew they were intoxicated and couldn’t drive, so he wanted to be safe and pick them up. The drive was around 30 miles out of town and it was 4 am in the morning, he safely picked them up and was on his way back into town. Having only 10 minutes to get into town, he was hit head on with an oncoming car. The other driver was drunk and had been swerving into the opposite lane. The impact of the hit had killed him and injured the other two will serious injury. One having serious scares and the other having brain damage. She didn’t remember what happened and couldn’t recognize who her family was. When I said anybody who fails a breath test I mean anybody. Adult drivers, teenage drivers, and under aged driver should receive the consequences. With the roads with young drivers just like me, they should know better not to drink because they are under aged. But with teens being per pressured from other people when they go to school parties, they need to think about the consequences. But now-a-days, I know for experience that a lot of young teens drink when they go to parties. Just to fit in or their friends will judge them if they don’t drink. Then that’s when they need to say no and walk away. When young teenagers see that their friends and even their family members driving drunk, they think it is okay if they do it also. Once they do it and don’t get caught, they do it again and again until one day they get caught. Officers take zero tolerance towards underage drunk drivers. ("Consequences of drunk driving") If the under aged driver consumes only a small amount of alcohol, then the driver is fined and his or her licenses is lost for a year.

On 2004, a woman named Judith Gubernikoff was at home taking care of her three sons. She helps her father at a fish market and has to go take a 25 mile drive to go wake up her father in Manhattan where he lived. (Kotb) Neville Wells, a 41 year-old man was drink at a night club. He was a big drinker and always drives home drunk. (Kotb) When he left the night club around 3 am at night, witnesses say that his driving could be compared as a blind person behind the wheel. (Kotb) He has driving a minivan that night, and had hit a parked car in a parking lot. (Kotb) Making the car fly in the air and only thing stopping the car was an iron fence. (Kotb) Inside the parked car were Judith and her father where they had to be cut out of the vehicle and rushed to the hospital. (Kotb) Wells, the driver of the minivan was okay with only scratches. (Kotb) The doctors were able to save Judith’s father but could save Judith. (Kotb) The doctor said that the power of the impact of the hit had made Judith’s heart burst like water balloon being poked by a needle. (Kotb)

Her husband, George Gubernikoff was doing research about Wells on his...

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