A Happy University

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A happy university is enjoyable and interesting place to study. Students feel that they belong to a community and are offered supports from the Student Assistance Center of the university. The university is well-designed and there are many good facilities. A happy campus also has many interesting and exciting places for recreation. Students in happy campus have good behavior. Although they come from different background, they are able to respect each other and share ideas. They also help other students to overcome issues about study or life. Especially freshmen who have just started their term at the university, they are taught life skills and get assistances from the Student Assistance Center to be familiar with new life and environment. In addition there are many opportunities for students to take part in community or social events, and do part-time jobs to earn money to buy books or equipment for study. Good facilities is one of the factors that cannot be missing in a happy campus. There are areas for study and a library with internet connection and an enormous amount of books that are always revised. It also has large lecture rooms, laboratories, a medical center. These laboratories are designed specifically base on different specialties. In addition, there is a big smart parking basement that helps students to easily and quickly keep or take their bikes or cars. Moreover, the university has high standard of teaching with modern resources and equipment. Students is easy to move around the campus because the footpaths and connecting bridges are well-organized. After spending long period of time for study or research, students cannot avoid suffering from fatigue or mental illnesses such as tiredness, depression, insomnia. Therefore they need to refresh their soul or stay mentally healthy. So many places for recreation are built up because of that purpose. There are many green fields such as parks, gardens, small hills on the bank of rivers and sporting fields...
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