“a Father Tell His Son About the Statue of Liberty”

Topics: White people, Race and Ethnicity, Black people Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: September 25, 2011
“A father tell his son about the Statue of Liberty”

In the whole world, people are searching for Liberty and no discrimination of who they are. Everyone have different cultures colors and religions. America is known for having many different races and cultures in their country. In the 60’ties racism and discrimination was a big problem, not to mention the time where white people had black people as slaves. Because of all this ignorance the KKK got created. KKK was a group of people, who hated a decided race, in this situation it was the black people.

Martin Luther King was one of the men who represented the black people in their eternal fight for freedom and equal rights. All over the world the black people was denied every right. Martin Luther King brought freedom to the black people in the USA between the 50-60’ties.

In the poem “A father tell his son about the Statue of Liberty” we hear a black man explain his son, his point of view about the Statue of Liberty, and his point of view of life. He is full of hate and madness on the society. The poem structure exist of four verses. The first verse is introductory, the second is judging, the third is narrative and the fourth is his conclusion. In the first verse he introduce the Statue of Liberty as a petrified pussy just standing their and looking stupid. “With spikes sticking out of her Limestone head”. Already their, we feel his negative tone, and his discuss. In the second verse he directly tell his son that there is no liberty, and that the torch in her hand is not a beacon of freedom, but a lynch fire torch she got in the hand. What he really tells is that she (USA) is dangerous and that he has to be careful, not to be naïve and not to believe in her goodness and innocence. Although the Statue of liberty is a symbol of the USA- they believe in equality and the American dream. “Crosses burned in our front yard and put the fire to your grandpa too” He is saying that his father died because he...
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