A Double Edged Sword

Topics: Technology, Computer, Personal computer Pages: 6 (1611 words) Published: March 16, 2015
Jane Frankenfeld
English 101, Winter 2015
March 17, 2015
A Double-edged Sword
The world is slowly transforming into a high-tech society. Whether one is willing or not, he can not deny that endless innovations of technology are constantly changing our lives, and things as computers and robots have changed the way most of us used to work, think and live entirely. Apparently, not everyone is optimistic about this trend, they think that the improvement in science and technology could be a double-edged sword. Which means technology is offering comfort and convenience to our lives, while it simultaneously bringing some negative impacts and pain to the society and to ourselves.  People must admit that technology truly has many unquestionable positive aspects, and it is one of the significant factors to promote our society and to develop from one era to another. Whether you have award of it or not, technology is highly influencing both our veritable and mental lives, computers, is a fine example of new technological progress in the twenty first century.  As being one of the best invention by human history, people in nowadays use computers widely and extensively almost on all fields we can imagine. In addition, the reason why PC (the name of computer used to be called.) became popular in the 80s was when the innovation of internet has been invented, and it even greatly amplified the usage of computers. Eventually, as soon as all those technological "additions" like internet, useful apps, hardware have been adding onto our computers, it has created a fantastic blast that occurred in everybody's mind that seems to tell us impossibility is no longer impossible.       Before the personal computer was invented, had people ever thought about that they could buy the things which they like without walking out of their houses? Gain a little more sleep every morning and work at home? Or learn something we want just by searching them on the websites? Nowadays, if someone wants to buy a set of golf clubs online, you can see thousands of pictures of golf clubs by just a sample click on the web page, and it will help you find a golf store which is nearest from your house with the cheapest price through the computer.  After picking the one you want, all you need to do is to send a message to that store and the right amount of money will be taken out of your bank account and transfer to the store. Furthermore, you can also work at home through a computer. Internet, the main trading tool, makes home office possible. This will make the workplace more comfortable and save the time we spend everyday on transportation, or even enhance the potentially actual work hours. According to what Sven Birkert said in his article “The Owl Has Flown,” back to the ancient days, people could hardly own few books in their lifetime.(34) However, now, there are countless books which are saved in a digital way on the internet. Knowledge which ancient people could never imagine can be read by anyone who owns a cell phone or computer these days. Internet not only provides convenience, but it also presents a vivid world for us. Sitting in front of our computers, only by clicking the mouse, you can acquire the real time news, the latest development in science and the most fashionable clothing in the world. It is the access to any of the information in the world and a highway for us to travel through the cyberspace. Technology is filtrating into our daily lives like never before. Products from 21st century such as computers, iphones, 3D printers, early cancer detectors, hybrid cars and so on... no longer possess by residents of industrialized nations but are accessible for almost anyone on in our world. Anyhow, there is a question people might ask, are these rapid changes make our lives overall better or worse? George Putic who is a journalist in Voice of America program talked with a co-author of a new book about how technology is changing our lives, and he...

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George Putic. Interview. Voice of America, 9 September 2014. Web. 23 September 2014.
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