A Cycle of Self Destruction

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A Cycle of Self Destruction
Everyone has a daily routine; wake up, eat breakfast, head to work, spend their entire day at a desk, go home, have dinner, sleep. This is their cycle, whether or not they realized it. People try to escape this cycle; they try to break away from the chains that they have bestowed upon themselves. But to do so, is easier said than done. Others may have a more destructive cycle than those around them. Victor and Junior are a good example of these people who are bound to this self-destructive cycle. These two go through the same routine every day but throughout this book they try to set themselves free, but it proves to be near impossible. Victor and Junior really live up to their self-destructive cycle after they fail in New York, when they wasted their opportunities and in the proximity of alcohol. There is no denying that Coyote Spring’s chance at fame took a turn for the worst, but the toll this event had on Junior and Victor is anything but invisible to the others. The first thing they both do is start bar hopping. Even though they get kicked out of the first 4 bars, it does not stop their need of drink. Although Junior refuses to have any sort of alcohol, it doesn’t stop Victor from completely letting loose on the booze. Victor refused to stop drinking. As though he wanted to escape this cycle of failure and unfortunate events in his life, but of course he would return back to reality in an even worse state than when he left reality. Just because Junior would not drink, does not mean he had a marvelous time either. Memories came back to haunt him, ones of loss and heartbreak. These memories kept coming back to him after the flunk in NY, who’s to say that these particular memories have not been reoccurring throughout this entire novel. By being friends with Victor, many duties popped up for Junior. He needed to take care of Victor, when he was drunk. Both panicked in their own way. On page 235, a report has been filed for the...
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