With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilty: Technology

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Living in a Less Secure World
Within the past two hundred years, humankind has prospered into a technologically advanced society. Inventions such as electricity and the wheel have provided the world with convenience. However, such technologies require responsibility and protection in order to be beneficial to everyone. A person’s invention or advancement can open the door for many wrongdoings and injustices for all of society if the information is provided to the wrong individual or group. On a smaller scale, many technologies create distractions in everyday life that harm productivity. Advanced technology in business, law enforcement, and the medical field has made the world a less secure place to live.

Although technology has shortened the time in which it takes and employer to communicate with an employee, business technology also yields many downfalls. First of all, digital communication between co-workers about a project may prove to be unreliable because lack of face to face communication can cause misinterpretation of ideas and thought processes. In example, electronic mail messages contain words with no context to emotion. An employee who receives a message will interpret the message according to his personal judgment, without regard to how the sender intended it to be interpreted. Lack of face to face communication diminishes the ability to pick up on visual cues, which increases the probability of disputes among workers. Additionally, technology in the workplace can create a distraction from the business (Morley). Advancements in phones allow individuals to play games and use social media anywhere quickly and with ease. Such advancements become problems when tasks are not completed in the allotted amount of time and employers lose profits or products (Morley). Also, with faster and easier communication, private company information can be easily shared or given out to the public without...
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