Will Many Jobs Disappear Because of the Growth in Technology?

Topics: Mobile phone, Technology, Personal digital assistant Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: March 27, 2013
What the future holds is a mystery to everyone. There is nothing set in stone for what may happen. With the way technology has advanced over the years, the future may be taken over by it. Anything involving paperwork will soon all be transferred into computerized work. Soon many jobs will start to disappear because of the advancement; jobs will be much more efficient if changes in technology are made.

In the past, all jobs were based on paperwork because the quality of technology was not as progressed as it is today. The quality of work was much slower than before because everything that was done was done by hand and sent out by mail. So there was always a longer waiting period for the information to get to where it needed to be. The amount of people needed for these jobs were much greater than now and will be even less in the future as technology continues to grow. Technology such as cell phones, pdas, etc. are taking over may people’s jobs today; because of them CEO’s do not need personal assistants to call them to tell them important things or to take their emails for them. It makes it a lot easier to communicate with everybody in their businesses also; no matter where they are they can just send them an email off their pda or cell phone. Manufacturers are also starting to invent robotic gas pumps; these will eliminate the gas attendants at each station which are major employers. Computerized self-checkout lanes are beginning to become popular in major stores around the country. Cashiering is a huge job in America especially in big companies such as Walmart; this will cause many people to lose their jobs. Not only in Walmart but these will be getting rid of a large amount of jobs nationwide.

Technology taking over will make it harder for less educated Americans to find jobs, the people that are hired will need to be very skilled in certain technologies. These will most likely need higher levels of education which not all people want to get or can get....
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