Why I Want to Attend Towson University

Topics: Mathematics, Liberal arts, Education Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: January 16, 2015
dWhy do you want to attend Towson University?

After visiting Towson for a tour, I realized this higher learning institution has three key ingredients to nurture me in my academic pursuits as well as my personal growth. The first ingredient is Towson’s diversity in campus life. I am impressed with the plethora of campus clubs including special interests and spirituality. The second ingredient is the marriage of research-based learning with hands-on application. I was thrilled to learn from the tour guide about the faculty-mentored research experiences which are student-centered. The third ingredient which helped make Towson University my first choice is its solid foundation in the liberal arts. With a liberal arts education, I will be able to learn and critically think across disciplines. I believe this educational approach will develop me into a well-rounded academic who is prepared for a career in this diverse world.

Towson University requires an essay to complete your application for admission. Please submit an essay on the following topic: "Your YouTube video just went viral. What is your video about?". There are no length requirements or restrictions.

Taking YouTube by storm since January 2014 is a revolution in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) industry – G.A.S.! Girls Applying Science (G.A.S.) is an innovative, nonprofit organization created to impassion girls and young women in science as well as in its cohort, math. Founded in Maryland in 2014 by science guru Jahmia Scott, G.A.S. encourages girls and young women to explore the many aspects of science and math. From viewing organisms under a compound microscope to building a rocket fueled with nail polish, G.A.S.’s members exhibit no limits in their explorations and imaginations. In order to continue perpetuating this endeavor locally and eventually nationally, G.A.S. relies on the philanthropic nature of viewers like you! To donate to this revolution, go to G.A.S.’s...
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