"Why the Future Doesn't Need Us

Topics: Technology, 21st century, Pessimism Pages: 2 (1027 words) Published: October 21, 2014
Write a three- to five-page (600-900 word) response to thefollowing question In Why the Future Doesnt Need Us (pp. 285-301), Bill Joy expresses a powerful pessimism about the dangers of technologies that may be developed later in our century. Joy also a muted optimism about humans ability to use ethical principles to avoid those dangers. What are Joys best reasons for being pessimistic What are his strongest reasons for expressing optimism As you consider the relative strengths and weaknesses of those reasons, explain whether and why you find yourself more pessimistic or more optimistic about the issues that Joy raises. (PL 401) The development of technologies in the modern world has been seen to many as blessing. The use of technology has greatly affect the living style of human race as most of them are develop to improve life of human being and also prolong their lifetime, for instance the use of technology such as robot in carrying out surgical operation in the hospitals to treat diseases like cancer, genetic engineering in farming to increase production is a great promised that the technology has brought. On the other hand, Bill Joy who is a well known computer elite expresses his fear that the technology advancement in the modern world could bring more harm than good to human race and the planet at large. Joy feels that the technologies that may develop later in the 21st century could jeopardize human being and questions ethical role that the communities have on them. Joy urges others technology elites to constantly consider the inadvertent resultant impacts of their creations. Joy bases his argument by comparing twenty first century technology such as nanotechnology, genetic engineering and the robotics GNR with the early technology such as nuclear, biological and chemical technology NBC and their global threat. Joy uses the danger of NBC that almost destroy the entire world in the past as an example and also explain...
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