why the drinking age should be lowered

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Cigarette, Nicotine Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: October 8, 2013
At the age of 18 people give up their rights and fight for our country but aren’t allowed to have a beer. Lowering the alcohol drinking age to 18 is the right thing to do taken that here in the US the drinking age was 19 years old but now it has been raised to 21 years of age, if at 18 you can join the army purchase and smoke cigarettes/ tobacco products you should be able to legally drink alcohol not that teens don’t already drink alcohol lowering the drinking age will help are economy such as why cigarettes are legal because the government puts such high tax rates on cigarettes, letting teens purchase/drink alcohol will help are economy because teens will be buying a lot more alcohol. To begin at the age of 18 you can join the army and give up your rights and fight for our country in war but aren’t allowed to relax and legally drink a beer. Lowering the drinking age is reasonable taken that the majority of countries drinking age is 18 or younger and that here in the united states of America we are the most privileged country in the world and people who gave up there rights come back from battle injured and may never have the capability to drink beer, other alcoholic beverages. Taken that most of US citizens do not join the army nor go to combat make the ones who do to combat even more of heroes to are country and we honor those that do In addition if you can purchase tobacco products such as cigarettes that not only harm the person smoking the tobacco it is harmful to other people around them but yet the legal age for smoking is 18 years old If you can join the army, smoke cigarettes then you should be able to legally drink alcohol at the age of 18. While smoking varies between 2nd and 3rd hand smoking drinking is a personal affect that doesn’t hurt harmless people. Sense 78% of teens have consumed alcohol between the ages on 13-18 years of age (cbs.news) lowering the drinking age to make is legal seems to be the reasonable thing to do....
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