Why Studying Abroad Is So Popular

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Topic: Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Why do some students study abroad? Use specific reasons and detail to explain your answer.

Today, studying of students is not limitable in their country which is extended in most countries of the world, so students can change knowledge and even go to the various part of the world to study. Thus, many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. There are three some reasons why some students study abroad: gaining access to the various sources to the knowledge, having a job easily with a good salary, not to attend the school in their countries because grades are too high. First reason, the knowledge is a widening aspect which we never understand all. So study in one country we can not catch a lot of knowledge. Every county has a specific knowledge and culture, thus we should study abroad in the various countries of the world. Further, more and more knowledge is invented and discovery in man and studying in the most countries is very necessary for us to gain a result better in study. Second reason, you will have a job easily with a good salary. It is true that, when you graduate from a university of the country where you used to study and go back your home country, you will intend to foreign companies in your country with a attracting salary which you can not deny. Therefore, studying abroad is useful for students and maybe to avoid unemployment such as most students after graduated in our country. Third reason, beside gaining access to the various sources of the countries and having a jog with a good salary, the students who fail in the university exam are not enough grade to attend the school in their country. As you can see, more and more...
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