Why people attend college or university?

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Why people attend college or university.

While some people prefer to find a job right away after graduation from school, others make a decision to continue their education at college or university. This way is not easy because it requires some sacrifices - financial and personal. But people choose this road in spite of high expenses and other obstacles. For many people, attending educational institutions such as college or university is a path to obtain knowledge, skills, and contacts for realizing (in order to realize) their professional dreams and ambitious. First of all, by taking courses or program at college, students gain strong knowledge in their fields of professional interest. They comprehensively study subjects including theories, laws, regulations, and practical exercises. Also, practically, all colleges and university organize workshops and seminars where recognized experts from particular field share their experience with participants. In addition, all students have an access to a wide range of learning resources such as libraries, special internal databases, additional courses, experiential classes and much more. Beyond knowledge, students should learn several important skills which allow transferring well-built theoretical knowledge into the professional life. One of such skills is ability to present ideas clearly, and every college and university train students to make a presentation and speak on public. Another essential skill is ability to communicate with different people properly. That is why during educational process students have a lot of discussions and do several group projects. Besides, working together, students encounter some problems which take place in a real workplace and learn to solve them. Undoubtedly, one of the most significant reason for attending college or university is an opportunity to build professional network and get a job in the future. Because educational institutions organize many events with professionals and...
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