Why is college education necessary?

Topics: University, Education, Higher education Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: September 23, 2014
Learning vs. Securing a Career
Should the students go to colleges and universities to learn and grow or to secure a sound future career? The answer to this question is debatable. Some people believe that universities should educate students on such lines which make them get a highly paid job. To some extent this notion is acceptable as far as the economic conditions of the world are concerned. On the contrary, some say that college education should up bring the students in such a way that they hold a position of respect and professional recognition, moreover that they serve as an essential building block in the progress of society. A good job or money is not everything; knowledge and education are more than that. Just pursuing a degree may not guarantee you a lucrative job but studying at a college may develop such skills in students that are necessary to lead a prolific life. It is the knowledge of education, knowledge of empowerment, knowledge of responsibility and the knowledge of curiosity which makes a student an intellectual personality – but not the degree he pursues nor the institution he goes to. So, students should endeavor for the pursuit of excellence and knowledge. There are many purposes for obtaining a college education. Firstly, it develops the character and personality of students which make their lives sound academically, professionally, and financially as well. It helps students to make themselves a promising career. College serves as a medium for students to fulfill their dreams. It gives them a chance to study and research in their preferred subjects and to pursue their jobs in that field of their specialization. It provides them with a chance to get exposure within them. Universities tend to train students to step in the modern world by giving them theoretical as well as practical knowledge. College education also helps the students to communicate with different people, which is beneficial in the corporate world. In short, it provides the...
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