Why Go to University Essay

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Why go to university?

People attend college for various reasons. Some people consider college as a challenge and others take it as a new experience. In my opinion, I think that people attend college to increase knowledge, meet new people and develop a career. Studying at a college can benefit a person greatly since it augments a person's knowledge, aids in developing a career and gives a chance to meet new people of different backgrounds. Knowledge is such a powerful tool that possessing it can diminish nearly all life problems. A college or a university is the place where one can gain knowledge and become valuable to the society. An individual can acquire knowledge about a wide variety of subjects. When my brother was in college, he learned about bacteria and viruses. He had learned that at high school a little bit, but in college he studied it in depth. In addition, he also learned how deal with life problems in college. Developing a career is a very important stage in our life. Most students, after graduating from high schools, go to colleges or universities to be trained and educated. Some major in various subjects while others go for professional degrees. Universities help students in achieving their goals by preparing them for the career they have picked. If I go to a medical school, I know that the school will prepare me well enough for me to become a successful medical doctor.

Interacting with new people is always a challenge. A university is a place where people from different backgrounds get opportunities to interact with each other. Information about different cultures, different life styles and certain types of food is shared among students. My father used to study at a university, and he told me about all the different cultural backgrounds of the students there. A college or a university is the place where dreams can be fulfilled. The subjects such as how to deal with life, how to interact with people and how to become independent are taught...
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