Why do you think people attend college and university?

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Why do you think people attend college and university?
There are many different reasons for people who attend college and university throughout worldwide. I prefer to write about most common and minor reasons of it. Firstly, I want to mention about dreaming. Everyone has dream ; big, enormously or dreams they can dream. More commonly, people want to live in a suitable and comfortable house, drive an expensive car or work as a director etc. In order to get all those things, they need to get a high education, educate , improve and develop themselves. Therefore, the way that people get high education is attend college and university. Why college and university?

In any country, colleges and universities are dedicated to study, learn, work on projects, examine specific things detailed, stay in library, discuss about their aspects, attitude or opinion – sometimes it can be changed ,find themselves or know who I am, choose what profession that work for during lifetime I acquire, look for work place or find where I go to abroad to study. All these procedures held in college and university. So anyone who want to do this is take an entrance exam and fulfill any requirements that admission required and then attend college and university. During the years in the university, students can involve in a variety of society activities like voluntary ones besides study. In addition, the experiences when they take on a part-time job are also precious to them when they learn to work and deal with different relationships. These are undoubtedly helpful for students maturity and good preparation for their future jobs. Furthermore, the most important thing is choose a profession and directions that comfortable for students. Everyone knows they have to choose what you want exactly at all and make sure your decision and you want to do. Even your parents` and instructors` advice is necessary, students think about that is their own life anyway. Nevertheless, some people can be existed...
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