why do teens use drugs alcohol and smoke

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Self-esteem, Adolescence Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: March 13, 2014
Nowadays is very common to find young people consuming alcohol and smoking on parties, but why it is so common to find teenagers consuming alcohol?, knowing that is dangerous for their health, because we are talking about addictions.There are many factors that can lead to teenagers to consume alcohol and smoking cigarretes and other things like marijuana, but, the most common factors are: curiosity, peer pressure, low self esteem, family lifestyle and of course the mass media. In our point of view, teenagers are more exposed to fall in alcoholism or smoking, when they have not enough confidence with themselves, and they need to feel more security, and also be part of a group of friends sometimes, this group of friends is not the correct to follow.

In general, young people don't care about their health, and how the extensive consume of these substances can affect their own lifes. For example earlier researches affirms that smoking can lead to very serious health-threats, like lung disease, cancer and stroke. Every year more than 300.000 kids under the age of 18 start smoking. Also some researches talk about alcohol and smoking are combined, they gratly reduce the sperm count of a young male, the more they smoke and drink the lower count, combined with marijuana and many hits to testicles, there is a very small chance of getting a girl pregnant, especially combined with the pullout method. Reseach shows that only 17% of kids under 18 years old indulge in tobacco products. Alcohol should not be consumed by teens for a number of reasons, including the potential for for addiction, legal troubles, and their very lifes. Parents belive it can be peer pressure, when friends do it their teens will endulge, but the real reason is beacuse all of their teens are havinf massive uncontrolled behaviour. The internet page MAYOCLINIC.COM advises parents to expect that your child will be exposed to friends who smoke and drink alcohol, who encouraged them to join into them,...
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