why did students choose university of hertforshire

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The University of Hertfordshire came into existence in 1952 when Hertfordshire County Council contracted a 90 acre land in Hatfield to be used for educational purposes. It first originated as the Hatfield Technical College and was later awarded university status in 1992, from when the University adopted its current name (University of Hertfordshire). Having been the center of the local community for 60 years, University of Hertfordshire (UH) has developed extensively and has been able to include itself in the top 100 Universities less than 50 years old. According to Times Higher Education magazine, UH has a student body of 24,500 students including more than 2,000 overseas students. The University received a score of 82 out of 100 for overall student satisfaction as reported by National Student Survey. The official website of the UH provides five reasons suggesting why students make it their first choice, with those reasons being employability, teaching excellence, flexible study routes, study facilities and a great location. The core aim of conducting this research was to determine what the main aspects were which encouraged students to choose University of Hertfordshire as their next academic stop of life. The research hypothesis was that the location, teaching excellence and the facilities (both related to studies and extramural) provided by the university influence the decision of students in preferring University of Hertfordshire. The second hypothesis was that there is a significant difference between local and International students’ level of satisfaction from the university. The research project was conducted by a group of four students. It included a survey to understand the views of students currently enrolled in the university. The questionnaire revolved around the factors that influenced their decision of selecting University of Hertfordshire as the next step in their academic career. It consisted of twelve questions, the form started with...
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