Why College Athletes Should Be Made to Attend Class.

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Should college athletes have to go to class? This is a very debatable question that many Americans have opinions on. As athletes reach the end of their high school career, they usually know if they are going to continue to play sports in college. Some college athletes know they are going to leave school early to pursue their dream as a professional. The NCAA ( National Collegiate Athletic Association) does not want athletes to coast through college until that time comes.

Critics of student athlete privileges suggest that colleges should put education first and by giving athletes “preferential treatment,” it violates the sole purpose of the institution. The schools with attendance policies have a requirement for regular students to be in class a certain amount of time. However, athletes are exempted from those requirements. According to Amy Perko, an academic reform advocate at Knights Commission, her commission has “consistently recommended that athletes be mainstreamed into the same academic requirements other students are subject to, so that athletes be subject to the same admission policy and criteria as other students.” (Schrotenboer1). Some universities have students called “special admits.” These are students accepted into universities even though their grades or test scores do not meet academic admission standards. These students are admitted solely for their academic ability.

Many people have mixed emotions on the issue of whether college athletes should attend class or not. A lot of people feel that the main reason for college is to get an education. It is often forgotten that players are student athletes and need to be attentive in the classroom. If athletes get behind in class, it makes it extremely difficult to keep up the grades that are required to be on a sports team, and it may also affect how the class is proceeding.

A good number of students choose to partake in some sort of activity, whether it is a hobby, a sport not associated with...
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