What Your Profs Think Informal Essay

Topics: University, Critical thinking, Professor Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: February 20, 2013
1. The statement, “Modern students are unprepared to learn” is a very controversial one in that it is neither true nor false. It is one that is open for interpretation and is a trending topic for many professsors, teachers, students, and council professionals. It is far too easy to get accepted to universities now a days. Professors believe that students take advantage of that; Students complain about getting low marks as if getting high marks is a right, not something you earn by going over and beyond the requirements however it is impossible to prove that this is in fact true. Despite the opinions of the professors, it is also said that it is a lot easier to get A’s than students think now a days due to the desperation of universities wanting more funding sources. Attending class is a good way to start as professors do indeed notice if you’re not there. 2. The author effectively captures the interest of the reader in the opening paragraph because of her unique style in the initial sentence. The opening sentence in the first paragraph captures the reader’s attention right away and puts a thousand thoughts in to the reader’s mind, filling them with curiosity as to what the article contains. After reading the effective subheading which creates interest for the reader to continue reading, the opening sentence perfectly increases their interest and as the reader goes on to read the first paragraph, they are captured immediately by the depth of the article. The opening sentence is an important factor as to whether the reader will want to continue reading or not. 3. The tone of the essay is critical but also unbiased. There are several opinions in article however the opinions are not proven to be facts. The author is neutral and looks at both sides. When the author discusses about the professors’ opinions on the students being unprepared, she writes in a very critical angry tone to show the reader how the...
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