What Make Student Scare of Doing Assignment

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What Make Students Scared of Doing Assignment?
In common, the assignment can help all of students know how to work in a group well, how to organize their works, how to research extra information from the internet or books, and something else. However, at both university and college, there are a large number of students who still find it difficult to work on the assignment and do not feel pleased to undertake it for three big reasons.

First of all, an assignment, at university, makes almost students seem to take it seriously. Most students at college are lack of paying more attention to their assignment which is given by teachers. In addition, students are lazy with the assignment and think that they can depend on one of the group’s member who does it for all. Another one, they usually feel the assignment is a hard task for them and also feel afraid of doing it, even though it is quite easy to work on it. All students still consider that the assignment is a burden. Secondly, students say they do not know how to do an assignment because students do not understand clearly what they have to do. One more thing, they are often afraid to ask for help. As we know, some of students are not outstanding students in class, so they are reluctant to ask lecturers to explain what they wonder. On the other hand, some students do not have access to technology and other resources at home. This is also one reason that make students lack of information to do assignments. Last but not least, students have another assignment which puts more pressure than other one. Actually, some of students study two or three universities at the same time, so this reason makes students scared of doing assignments. They think they will not be able to complete their task on time. In addition, if both universities give them the task at the same time, student will not do their work well. Because of not having enough time to do, students need to decide to work on which one is more important for them....
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