What Is a Hero

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Reflection Paper

Everyone in life, especially college students studies, learns, and recalls information differently. They also have different views and opinions on how to become successful in life and in college. To me so far, the three most important must dos to be successful requires planning, effort, and execution. Having these three traits is what its all about on becoming successful in everything you do in life. The first step on becoming successful in college and in life is planning. Basically a strategic plan which is a road map for success. You should create a mission statement which is basically stating your overall dreams and goals for obtaining a college degree. It should be personalized to fit your individual personality as well as your dreams for the future. As you develop a plan and obtainable goals, think about how you can tap in to your special talents and strengths to achieve your target. Another step on becoming successful in college and in life is giving the maximum effort. As you progress through your college experience, always keep in the back of your mind your ultimate goals and what you can achieve with a college degree. The main thing that motivates me in the pursuit of my educational goals is the fact that I have always been willing to do what ever it takes to obtain a goal and won't stop until I get it. So I have a lot of self-drive and motivation which is very important to have as an online college student looking to earn a degree. Another step on becoming successful in college and in life is being able to execute effectively. As you move forward to your college goals and get closer to graduation, you want to understand what is high demand as far as the job market. Knowing how to access and navigate the career landscape will help you find the most direct route to your career goals. The skills and knowledge you obtain from college you need to keep using these skills and experiences to your dream job. Once you obtain your...
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