What is a college degree coming to?

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As I grew up I was always told upon graduation of high school the next step was college. Why was this step forced upon everyone? Was college a choice, or were we pushed so hard that it felt wrong to not attend college? I believe that a college education is needed, but it is turning into just receiving a degree and not actually getting the full education behind it. College education is going all online which is not a good thing. The life on a college campus is a crucial part to receive a good college education and be successful with the rest of our lives.

The point of a college education I think is crucial to the rest of your life. Without a college education it would be really hard to get a job. Most of the employers of the corporate world look for students with a college degree. The degree also shows the employer that you can cope with the work environment and are capable to adapt to changes. A college education also helps with skills. It prepares you for your major or industry related skills. Not only does it help with skills of the job relating to your major it helps with received promotions. A college education is evidence that can help someone climb the corporate ladder. A college education gives hope. It gives a student hope that they can achieve success even if they lack some skills. Hope is a necessity of life. It helps us achieve success by being more determined and confident in life. If a college education gives us hope more than likely it will help students achieve success upon receiving not only their degree but their college education. Being successful will give us personal satisfaction by getting a college education.

College education is slowly degrading over time. The knowledge of college students from let us say our professors’ generation and our generation is not the same. You can ask some professors, and I am sure they will say that we as students think everything is too much. We get a five-page reading assignment, and we all complain,...
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