What is the status of technology start-up enterprises in the Philippines?

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“What is the status of technology start-up enterprises in the Philippines?”

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Technology has changed the way entrepreneurs look at how they should start up a business. The success stories of different companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and those who are less established but are seemingly on their way to becoming the next big thing such as Kaltura, Marketo, Zoura and others have inspired others to take the same path. Silicon Valley is part of this change in perspective amongst entrepreneurs, wherein the involvement of technology towards business operations had brought out a new breed of entrepreneurs that are now called “technopreneurs”. These “technopreneurs” had become the architects of billion-dollar companies that provide innovative products and services, which wouldn’t have been possible a few years back. Different countries have also been a part of this change, wherein countries like Israel, Brazil, Chile and others had invested on trying to emulate the success that Silicon Valley had achieved over the years. In the Philippines, entrepreneurs of both large and small-scale have continually risen over the years. The creativity of Filipinos can be seen through all of these, wherein they find ways on starting up a business that is unique to its consumers. In this study, we intend to examine the status of the Philippines towards this change in scenery on how to startup a business. While focusing on the Philippines, we also intend on determining the role of the government in this, who are the drivers and inhibitors of its development, what are the existing businesses that are considered to be a part of the technology enterprise, what is the state of technology enterprise startup in the world, and determine what factors promote this kind of entrepreneurship. To conduct this study, we are to provide various data that are related to this and provide an analysis that would be the foundation for the recommendations to the government, academe, and industry of this matter.

The Current State of Technology Enterprise Start-Up in the World

The graph shows the “Total early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity” gathered through survey by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. This measure shows the percentage of the population between ages 18-64, who are owners or entrepreneurs of new business in their country. The graph shows that countries from South American region have ventured into new business as compared to countries belonging to other continents. Although it may be said that the startups for these countries might not belong to the technology enterprise, it is worth noting that the larger percentages of entrepreneurial startups for the South American region may set up a host of successful companies coming from this region in the future. The graph does not include the Philippines because the surveys that were gathered for the Philippines were for the year 2006 only, which would make it difficult to compare it amongst the other countries that had provided complete data.

This table is known as the “Global Startup Ecosystem Index” and was provided by the Startup Ecosystem Report for 2012 by Startup Genome and Telefonica Digital. It shows the rankings of different cities in terms of indices that relate to the technology enterprise start-up. According to the report, each index has the following description. Startup Output Index - represents the total activity of entrepreneurship in the region, controlling for population size and the maturity of startups in the region. Funding Index - measures how active and how comprehensive the risk capital is in a startup ecosystem. Performance Index -...
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