What Are Credit Hours

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15 Oct. 2012
What are Credit Hours?
There are many important things to be gained while at college; one thing that reflects what you have gained is the number of credit hours you have. Credit hours are helpful and necessary during a student’s college career. Credit hours serve many purposes. There are varying opinions on how many credits a student should take per semester. Credit hours are important during a student’s college career because they serve as a measurement, determine if a student is part or full time, determine how much a student pays in tuition, and count toward graduation. In order to fully understand the importance of credit hours, one must understand what a credit hour is. A credit hour is a basic unit of measurement that counts toward a degree: either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree (“What Are Credit Hours & Courses in US Universities? Full time vs. Part time?” par. 2). The number of credit hours assigned to a course is based on the work load out of class and the time spent in class (Purdue 1). “Credit hours are a part of scheduling,” says Doug Lizak, a junior at Otterbein University. “Each college or university has a credit hour limit. At Otterbein there is a cap of eighteen credit hours per semester” (Lizak 2012). Scheduling your credit hours wisely can help you successfully graduate college. “Credit hours can help determine how much you pay a semester,” says Megan Zahorec a graduate from Baldwin-Wallace (Zahorec 2012). Credit housr are an important part of college life. They help you balance your class work load and your college life. A credit hour varies from forty-five minutes to an hour (Purdue 1). Most are based on semester courses. (Purdue 1) Credit hours are very important to one’s success during college. There are two different types of students: full time and part time. Typically, for an undergrad student, twelve credit hours a semester is considered full time (“What Are Credit Hours & Courses in US...
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