Ways to Prevent Group-Think

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Various Ways to Prevent Group-think

* Foster open climate for discussion

① Seating Arrangement
Seating arrangement is important in creating an open atmosphere for discussion. Most organizations are hierarchical so that it is usually hard for subordinates to express their ideas directly to their heads. If members of an organization seat in orderly manner by their positions, there should be an invisible wall, which prevents from expressing their ideas. Thus, the climate is rather formal. All people would become careful on what they are saying.

As a solution, a round table would be appropriate for making an open climate. It will also help reduce the distance between the heads and subordinates.

② So-called ‘Dosirak Meeting’
It means that members of a group freely speak with each other while they are having launch. In this situation, the talk will begin with small talk. Naturally, the less formal climate will lead to a brisk discussion.

③ Small group meeting
A group is further divided into smaller groups. In a small group meeting, people might feel less pressure. People might freely talk in a smaller group. However, one thing should be kept that members should be rotated regularly because the same smaller groups will also lead to group-think.

④ Using Intranet, SNS(Social Networking Service)
By using an intranet, members can freely share their opinions on a bulletin board. Sometimes anonymity is allowed if needed. I think it may accelerate more participation as far as people are guaranteed to be anonymous.

Information Technology also changed the way we communicate with people. SNS such as Facebook and Twitter is becoming prevalent even in a business field. There are a growing number of people who use SNS. This means of communication makes people easily communicate with each other regardless of place and time. However, when dealing with confidential issues, be careful!

⑤ Tolerance
When I was reading a book 『나는 빠리의 택시운전사』, I was...
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