Ways of Knowing a Thing

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The Later Heidegger: Technology




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“The Question of Technology”

The Third Chapter of Later Heidegger is concern about what we called Technology. The author tackles and gives the focus to the essay The Question Concerning Technology which is based to the philosophy of Heidegger. The discussion starts with to what do we do know about the thing. The author opens up the claim of Heidegger about the conceptual schema of matter-and-form and the Western view of the thing and defined it in relation to his notion of equipment and usefulness.

Heidegger claims that, we do not recognize the things as an object unless it is destroy, because we adopt a thing as equipment already that our interests focus more in the usefulness of that thing without any requirement to the thing as an object. as well, the discussion also tackles the meaning of technē and the interpretation of the Greek of the term itself. He asserts that the Greek used the same word technē for art and craft with the similarity with techitēs which is used for craftsman and artist in spite of technē as ‘mode of knowing’. For him, technē is a way of knowing and not merely a certain kind of practical aptitude or a way of making and he also claim that it must belong within the orbit of alētheia which means truth.

Heidegger point out that, technē is not only a kind of making because it is actively uncovers something. By this, there are two aspects to Heidegger concept of truth. One is conceived as profoundly dynamic and the other is defined as unconcealment at the same time...
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