Vulnerable Populations

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erable population

Vulnerable Populations
Karl Brennan
Health Assessment and Promotion of Vulnerable Populations
NUR 440

Vulnerable Population
My definition of a vulnerable population would be a group of individuals or peoples regardless of race and ethnicity, that have become a concern to the healthcare community and people at large due to health disparities or the lack of equality between a peoples and appropriate medical care, treatment and education, of which most of us take for granted in the United States. A large variety of disparities exists, those such as access to education, treatment on alcoholism, drug abuse, homelessness, physical and mental abuse, adult elderly care, sex education, mental illness, AIDs and a variety of other issues have been brought to the forefront in vulnerable populations. The numerous barriers that face many of these people range from poverty, indigence, lack of insurance, money, or even transportation issues like getting to and from appropriate facilities. Even the lack of appropriate facilities or even skilled and knowledgeable medical professionals to educate and treat their problems adds to the disparities. The group that I chose for the assignment is on teenage alcoholism. Alcoholism affects everyone that we know and love. A worldwide problem that has no racial or ethnic bounds, from the very young to the elderly it touches everyone on this earth. Frey and Schonbeck reported that according to the World Health Organization they estimate that over 2 billion people consume alcohol worldwide. (Frey, R. J. & Schonbeck, J., 2011, p. 1) Frey and Shonbeck also revealed in a 2007 report from the Task Force on Community Preventative Services of the Centers of Disease Control had concluded that there was over 75,000 deaths per year from alcohol consumption in the United States, Making alcoholism the third leading cause of preventable death. (Frey, R. J. & Schonbeck, J., 2011, p. 1) Alcohol has been linked to many...

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