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With the up and coming rage of healthy lifestyles, it is no wonder so many people are choosing the life of vegetarianism. Vegetarianism, as many already know, is a dietary life style in which the person excludes all meat and fish products from their list of consumable foods. Many others who look at vegetarians think that they have chosen this way of life purely on the psychological factors that killing and eating animals is wrong, but that is just not the case. Numerous people choose the life of a vegetarian because it indeed does have nutritional benefits. There is a selected sub-group of vegetarians who fall into the category for reasons such as believing no harm should be done unto animals for any reason. Many in this group believe in the philosophical grounds of not murdering animals and that they have every right to life just as much as humans do. Some want to live in the outer world in harmony with animals and believe that this alone is a healthier way of living, psychologically healthier maybe. But for obvious reasons, the nutritional benefits of living a vegetarian lifestyle are why it is a healthier way to live.

Kristin Higgins, a psychologist who graduated from Vanderbilt, wrote an article titled “Vegetarianism; the pros and cons of a meatless diet.” In her article she explains that there is no need to remind us that obesity in many developed nations including the US is acquiring threatening dimensions, turning into a national problem. Additionally, that American’s tend to stick to their traditional diets that have “too many calories and too much fat (especially saturated fat), cholesterol, and sodium.” Many of the traditional American dishes also lack important substances that we need such as complex carbohydrates and fiber. These dishes are not just gateways to obesity alone, but also certain diseases-heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and some forms of cancer (Higgins).

There is such an array of different...
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