Using Technology Moderately: Attached to Technology and Paying a Price

Topics: Technology, E-mail, Psychology Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: May 18, 2014
It is quite common these days for people to use technology in the information age. However, Matt Richtel claims in his essay “Attached to Technology and Paying a Price” that being attached to technology can cause deadly consequences. Richtel asserts that overusing technology have negative influences to people’s works and family life, minds and relationship among people. On one hand, he believes that heavy technology use will interrupt works and family lives. On the other hand, he claims that heavy multitaskers suffer less attention and experience more stress. In addition, he agrees that technology may reduce the communication among family members. Richtel concurs that the resulting distractions can disorder people’s works and lives. In order to sustain his point, Richtel chooses the example of Mr. Campbell, who overlooked an important e-mail message because this e-mail amid an electronic flood. Besides, a neurobiologist named Melina Uncapher says “information overload causes distraction was supported by more and more research”. Richtel claims that multitaskers can not easily shut out irrelevant information because“our ability to focus is being undermined by bursts of information”(para.6). In other words, it is difficult to gather valuable information among lots of it.

In addition, Richtel agrees that overusing technology can take a toll on focusing attention and deep thought. Richtel offers an example of Mrs. Campbell who wastes many ingredients because she loses in technology during doing homework. He claims that people who are interrupted by technology actually “feel less focused and has trouble completing projects” (No Vacations, para.13). This is to say, Richtel means people can not concentrate their minds and thoughts because they can not ignore their device. Finally, Richtel claims that heavy technology use will be a hindrance on emotional connection and bond. Mr. Nass, a Stanford professor, thinks “the ultimate risk of heavy technology use is that it...
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