University Transfer Essay

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In my first year of college, I had an opportunity to visited University of Maryland College Park with my cousin who attended there for four years. I met interesting people from around the world, spoke with amazing students and faculty, and became fascinated with campus life at College Park. Since then, it has always been my dream to improve my education at College Park after graduate two years from Montgomery College. I have heard many wonderful and unforgettable experiences from my family and friends when they studied and worked at College Park. They encouraged me pushing myself to go after my dream and to gain a better education. However, my reasons for transferring are almost entirely academic. I am majoring in economics, so my interests are becoming analytical and financial. During my sophomore year at community college, I soon came to realize that many other universities do not offer the exact major and study environment that I wish to pursue. At University of Maryland College Park, I was impressed by the assistance that Economics Department advisors provide, and I absolutely loved the Workshop and Maryland Population Research Center where I can get research support, training, and mentoring. The broad approach to the field with emphases on understanding both the currency and transaction has great appeal to me. By attending University of Maryland College Park, I hope to acquire and widen my knowledge in analytical and financial and eventually go on to graduate school in economics. As the transcript shows, I had tried my best to learn well for last two years at Montgomery College to meet the academic challenges of College Park. I had a great time working with many professors at Montgomery College, but I believe in the future I would grow even more at College Park. Last but not least the College Park’s program in economics perfectly matches my academic interests and professional goals.
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