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Chapter I
A Thrust is a broad statement of intended strategic actions. The statement should provide a “compelling theme that knits together otherwise independent activities and focuses the energies of functional groups on things that matter in the market.” A thrust is intended to create a broad, sharedunderstanding of what strategic actions are intended in planning.

Universities around the world must maintain their focus in providing quality education. The institutions’ programs and activities are embedded in its thrust to achieve their vision- mission and objective. A Thrust, when referred to an institution, means as the powerful force in leading the institution in its desired disposition. According to Prof. Edwin L. Apawan, a faculty of College of Education in Notre Dame University, University Thrust is embedded in its philosophy translated to its vision-mission and articulated in its goals and paradigms.

In an educational institution, Thrust is very much important for it is the reason why it runs. Everything that the institution does is anchored from its thrust. In Notre Dame University, being an educational institution has cited its University Thrust namely: Formation, Instruction, Research and Extension (FIRE). The focus of the study is to know the Thrust specifically in the field of Instruction and Extension and whether if it is running in the Teachers Education Program in Notre Dame University.

Instruction is defined by Saylor and his colleagues as “the actual engagements of learners with planned learning opportunities; thus, instruction can be thought as the implementation of the curriculum plan” cited by Aquino, 1986. The higher education institution must exhibit a continuing quest for excellence in instruction through the quality of its educational programs, outstanding achievements of its students, and above national average performance in the majority of the programs offered requiring government instructions. While each constituent units may have its own thrust in extension that responds to their service area, it may institute mechanisms for the coordination and integration of these activities for more effective use of resource and in order to achieve bigger goals (Sarmiento III, 2009). The University, being a storage, generator, and disseminator of knowledge, should make an impact on the community within its reach. Although its graduates will naturally be involved in the development of the community where they work and live, there are a lot more people who were not able to have formal university training, and the need outside help to make them productive members of the community. The higher education institution must have credible outreach programs which may take the form of continuing education, application of the research results community services, and many others. The study aims to assess the operation of the Notre Dame University Thrust if it is being worked out in the Teachers Education Program of the said institution among its students. Statement of the Problem

The study aims to determine if the University Thrust, particularly in the field of Instruction and Extension are really working in the Teachers Education Program as assessed by the third and fourth year students of the College of Education, Notre Dame University in the School Year 2012- 2013. Specifically, this aims to answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the students as to their age, sex and year level? 2. How will the respondents assess if the University Thrust, particularly Instruction and Extension arein reality operating in the Teachers Education Program in terms of: a.) Instruction delivery by the College Faculty; b.) Community extension Programs initiated by the College; and c.) Involvement of the College to community exposures? 3. How is University Thrust been able to run in Teachers Education Program? Significance of the Study

The study will tell if the University Thrust is working...

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