University Students should be required attending classes.

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- Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. 

University students should be required to attend classes.
We are in the high-technology era that searching and learning new things becomes easier and can happen anywhere anytime. Therefore, it is a controversial issue whether a university student should be required to attend classes or not. In my opinion, I firmly agree that class attendance should be required for university students for the following three main reasons; more effective learning, practice responsibility and discipline and better social skills. First, students learn more effectively than studying alone. The teachers usually provide useful information with authentic materials like pictures or video clips to light up better comprehension. Moreover, teachers, who have more experiences, can suggest effective techniques to solve in class- problems as they are facilitator. If students are curious about lessons, they can also ask their teachers to clarify missing points immediately. Secondly, students will be used to staying in rules in study and work. Attending classes often ask students to present and accomplish homework at a particular time so it can teach students to have responsibility. Furthermore, class disciplines such as not making noise, not disturbing classmates drive students keep disciplines while studying in the class and also prepare them for their further work. Last but not least, learning in class with friends improves students' social skills. Typically, students who come to classes have to interact with people in class, for example, chatting and sharing their happiness and sadness. They gradually develop their social skills in remaining good relationships and connections with friends. In addition, in class student have the opportunities to engage in a discussion groups. it trains them how to be well-behave and...
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