University Student Village Official

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University Student Village Official
——The In-depth investigation into the practical work
of University Student Village Official

Research proposal

Lv Lusi

Organized by:
Communist Youth League, Communication University of China

July, 2009

Nowadays, more and more university students choose to go to the rural area, working as village officials. This kind of phenomenon is common now. We plan to carry on in-depth investigation to one of the university student village officials. In order to know why they chose to be a university student village official, how their work were going, how they contributed the village with their knowledge, what opportunities and challenges they met and so on. Then perhaps our result can provide some effective suggestion.

Table of Contents
Statement of problem3
Purpose of research3
Significance of research3
Literature review4

← Statement of Problem
In order to construct the countryside, government proposed the policy. It’s quite common in universities and the rural area. Every year there are more and more university students participate in it. But as a long-term policy, it is not mature enough. There may be some existed problems and hided problems. Why the students prefer to work in the rural area? Are the purposes pure enough to construct the village? How is their working status? All the questions above are closely related to the university student village officials’ working passion, status and efficiency. ← Purpose of Research

Even though the policy started early in 1990s in some province, it is a new countrywide long-term policy from 2008. What are the motives of current university student village officials? How are they contributing to the village with their knowledge? What the problems and challenges they are dealing with? What’s more, what is the validity of the policy? These are the questions we want to know behind the policy.

After knowing the answers of most of the questions, we can provide the basis of further improvement for the policy. Therefore the policy can be made more effective. And the university student can get a proper position in the policy to construct the rural area.

In addition, a long-term tracking investigation project can be made if possible. ← Significance of Research
The results may provide some opinions and suggestions to the future work of the university student village official policy. Moreover, the university students can make the decision about whether to be village officials according to the research results. So it has long-term significance to the future. Beijing suburb is an important district of Beijing. Many university students in Beijing choose to work as a village official in Beijing suburbs which make is possible to build the area into a good basis for university student village officials. So we can inspect the area for a long period of time which can make vital contribution to the validity analysis of the university student village official policy. And also can see the influence and function of the university student officials’ contribution to the area.

← Policy
The government decided to select 100 thousand university graduates to work as village officials in 5years from 2008. In order to encourage the university students to go to the rural area with the advanced knowledge, the policy is being held. This is also a policy to reconstruct the rural area. Meanwhile it is good to improve the university students’ quality and solve the unemployment problem of university students ← Development

Actually this kind of policy began from about mid 1990s in some province. In the middle of 1990s, the amount of students began to emerge, then the "village official" developed fast. The spontaneous exploration stage...

References: 1. “ Attention Needed On University Student Village Officials’ Mental Shapes” ——Lin Yonghe, Ma Taoguang-- Beijing Industry and Commerce University
2. “ My village official, my village——the survey of the practical status of the university student village officials”
3. “ The village official road for university students”——Gao Xingxiang
4. “ Selection of university student village officials, and the improvement of the reconstruction of rural area.”——Journal of Beijing University of Agriculture
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