University Resources Search

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University Resources Search

Which service in the University Library would you use to request assistance from a librarian? Ask a Librarian
Your facilitator has asked you to review the APA Sample Paper. In which section of the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) would you find the APA Sample Paper? Tutorials and Guides
In the Tutorial and Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE), there is a resource called RiverPoint Writer under the APA Information heading. How might you use RiverPoint Writer? To format a paper

The assignment in your class requires you to submit your paper to WritePointsm. Which link would you click in the Center for Writing Excellence to do this? Submit a Paper
Your facilitator has asked you to complete the Plagiarism Tutorial. In which section of the CWE can you find this resource? Tutorials and Guides
You would like assistance with writing a paper and have decided to use the online student writing lab. Under which tab is the online student writing lab located? Library
In which of the following services in the Center for Mathematics Excellence (CME) can you find math videos and tips for overcoming math anxiety? Building Math Confidence
You are getting ready to take your first college-level math class, MAT/116, at the University of Phoenix. Which service in the Center for Math Excellence specifically prepares you for this class? Step-By-Step Math Review

You need to inform the University of a change in your address and phone number. From which tab on your student website could you do this? Account tab
Which of the following services are offered through the Life Resource Center from the Program tab on your student website? All of the above
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