University of Phoenix COM/155 Final

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Final Essay
COM 155

Final Essay
In today's society, a college degree is almost required to earn an income that will allow people to live comfortably above the national poverty level. For years the only option to obtain a degree was to go to a traditional college; where students had to sit in a classroom, listen to an instructor, take notes, and attend at specific times during the day. In 1976, Dr. John Sperling founded the University of Phoenix, wanting to provide an alternate means of obtaining an education for people who either: had a job without a degree and wanted to earn one, or who had a job with a degree but wanted to change their career path so they needed to get a new degree. With the advances of technology, college courses became available through one of the very first online classes in the world in 1989 by the University of Phoenix. This made earning a college degree even easier for many people. While there are advantages to getting a degree online, there are also advantages to sticking with the traditional style of education. How a person chooses to attend college is completely up to them and their decision should be made based on what their personal needs and wants are regarding scheduling concerns, classroom styles, and the resources that are available to help them through school. To make the best decision on how they obtain their higher education, potential students need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both online and traditional education. When comparing online education versus traditional education, the most important factor potential students need to analyze is their scheduling concerns. While there are numerous students who attend college directly out of high school, there is a substantial amount of college bound individuals who already have a full time job and family when they start. The author of this essay was like many other college students in that she had to withdraw from her classes on a physical campus...
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