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School of Computing and Informatics



Approved by 87TH SCI BOARD on 25th March 2013
March 2013
Table of Contents

2Definitions and Roles1

2.1Student Attachee:1

2.2Attachment Coordinator2

2.3Faculty Assessor2

2.4Industrial Supervisor2

3SCI Industrial Attachment Placement Policy3

4SCI Industrial Attachment Assessment Policy6

5Industrial Attachment Report Format8

6Assessment Forms8

7Sample Attachment Details Form, Industrial Supervisor’s Evaluation and Form Faculty Assessor’s Evaluation Form9

8Sample Log Book13

The School of Computing & Informatics (formerly Institute of Computer Science) launched the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) program in 1992. The program was aimed at meeting perceived development needs in Kenya, which it has done very well. Indeed, most of the computer science professionals in industry today have been developed through this program. Hundreds of students have been equipped with the prerequisite knowledge to handle computing and informatics needs of our society. To complement theoretical foundations learned and the practical skills gained from the ultra-modern laboratories students are required to go through an industrial attachment program not lasting less than eight weeks. The attachment involves carefully monitored work or service experience in which students have intentional learning goals and are accorded a chance to reflect actively on what they are learning throughout the experience. The attachment is strategically placed between semester 2 of year three and semester 1 of year four because by this time the student has been exposed to many principles in computing and informatics and requires to focus on real world problems and solutions. The objectives of the industrial attachment program are to – * Expose students to industrial work environments,

* Enable students actively participate in creating solutions through the practical use of learned knowledge to solve real world problems, * Enable students find out more about the various career paths and specializations in the field and possible develop interest in particular specializations, * Enable students build on networks of professionals and potential employers. This manual is a guide on how the students will be placed and evaluated. The development of this Industrial Attachment manual is aimed at harmonizing the policy on placement and assessment. Definitions and Roles

Student Attachee:
This is a student from the School of Computing and Informatics who is between semester 2 of year three and semester 1 of year four and has secured an industrial attachment with a recognized institution and has duly filled and filed with the director the necessary placement forms. The student attachee is responsible of maintaining a daily work log and at least a one week schedule. The attachee will report to the industrial supervisor for duty allocation and other assignments Attachment Coordinator

This is a faculty member designated as so and having been appointed by the SCI director to coordinate student placement and attachment activities. The coordinator will at appropriate time meet with the students and advice them on placement options. The attachment coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining a website containing potential firms willing to take attachees. The coordinator will ensure that all students are placed in organizations that add value to their learning exposure. The coordinator will be responsible for compiling students’ assessment grades and forwarding to the director or the delegated person for onward transmission to the board of examiners. The attachment coordinator will report to the director any issues concerning industrial attachment and take the necessary actions as directed by the SCI...
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