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Topics: Higher education, Free education, College tuition Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Topic: Universal education (should all higher education be free) Archer, W. (2011, September 16). Negative Effects of Tuition Expenses. - Other Essay. Retrieved September 27, 2014, from Summary: This website told us some negative effects of tuition expenses, especially the university expenses. There are three sentences he said I think are reasonable and make me feel sad about the phenomenon. “Many individuals within society have dreams, even minority students. However, one major factor that prevents them from accomplishing their goals is money. “Money isn`t everything, but in this century, without it, you can`t survive,” stated Eric Banshee.” It is sad that we are missing some geniuses or and the people who have a beautiful dream, but because they cannot afford the university tuition, they have to give up. The author thought that the low –income family should get help to let them have the opportunities to accomplish their goals. Should higher education should be offered to all for free?. (n.d.). The Premier Online Debate Website. Retrieved September 28, 2014, from Summary: This website is very interesting because I can see not only the benefits of free education, but also the shortcomings of it by many people. Some people think it is necessary to have free education because knowledge should not come with a price tag and people should all have the opportunity to attend the university. However, some people think it is unpractical because some tuition is gave to the professors and free education may make the education quality become lower because people might not value the opportunity of studying then.
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