University Degrees Not Necessary

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University Degrees not necessary
Ana S. Maldonado
South Texas College

University degrees are very essential in life. However, depending on what job path an individual wants they decide whether a University degree is beneficial or not for them.

While in college, a person can determine his strengths and weaknesses in whatever career choice they want and what path they decide to take in life and how a certain individual is going to pursue his dreams. College gives a person a chance to express their intelligence and creative abilities. Most jobs and careers require a college degree of some kind. However, this does not mean that without a college or university degree, success is unachievable. Each individual is different and has certain different areas of interest, depending on what job path someone wants and what route they want to take, they decide whether college or a university is beneficial or not to maintain a certain job of their choice.

Education is knowledge that can never be taken away from an individual and one may always have an education to fall back on. The value of college education can be taken in all different kind of aspects it is sometimes based on the society that students are raised in. students look up thru a certain individual and admire them wishing to become one day the same or even beyond them. Others look at what they have been trough and want to do much better, to maintain a more decent lifestyle to buy a big house, luxurious vehicles, provide their families with all the amenities needed, and have everything they ever dream about. Everyone wants a better life, but not everyone has the motivation to succeed. College is nothing like high school; no longer are they moms and teachers telling students what to do, college students must rely on themselves and have the self- discipline to get done what is needed to pass their classes and graduate.

In this sense, college is not for...

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