University and Work Situation

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widal test

Pregnancy test



Microscopic examination of urine deposit for schistosoma heamatobium


Problems encountered

Relevance of SIWES programme



Ways of improving the programme

Advice for future participants

Advice for SIWES managers



SIWES an acronym for student’s individual work experience scheme is a skill training programme designed to expose and prepare students of universities for the industrial work situation they are likely to meet after graduation. Its an effort to bridge the gap existing between the theory and practical of all professional education programme in Nigerian universities. The scheme also afford students the opportunity if familiarizing and exposing the to the needed experience in handing equipments and machinery which are usually not available in their institution.

It is against the background that graduate of higher learning lacked adequate practical background studies preparatory for employments that siwes was formed in 1973 following the decree for 47 of 1971 establishment by industrial fund (ITF) charges with the mandate of booting indigenous capacity for the nations industrial knowledge of the industrial sector of the economy. Hence, it is vital note that the student embark on a periodic industrial work experience.

The report of my industrial work experience which I did for months at the laboratory department of seventh day Adventist hospital constitute the historical background of the hospital, its work process, my activities and problem encountered during the period and relevance of the SWIES programme....
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