University and Ragging

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If conducted in a friendly manner ragging can be a good way of interaction between seniors and juniors, but there have been many instances of painful ragging and I students shudder at the thought of going to the college on the first day

The feeling of finally completing school and standing on the threshold of a new life i.e. the college life, is simply indescribable. It gives an individual a pleasant feeling that finally, he/she is free from the closed circuit environment of a school and is ready to lead a jolly, yet responsible life, in the college campus. As the college reopens, the fresh batches of students enthusiastically step into their campus, with much excitement about their days ahead, including the interaction with their seniors.

Very often, there is also a huge fear of ragging lurking as well, at the back of most minds, which acts as a major dampener for all the excitement. This fear is not unfounded, as it’s a fact that college ragging has, at times, taken very ugly forms. What is normally supposed to be amicable welcoming of fresher into college life, by their seniors, sometime turns into gory act of physical and mental harassment. But, just like the two sides of a coin, the practice of ragging also has its own positives as well. Let us examine why one should support ragging or oppose it and how to deal with the situation.

Why Ragging?
Many people think that by ragging, teenagers are provided a brief outline of what to expect during the first weeks of college. Ragging is ideally meant to break the ice between the new entrants and the seniors. It gives a chance to the freshly passed out school students to act maturely and interact with their seniors. In fact, ragging is a fun-filled way to make the new students get acquainted with the rigors of college life. Some lighthearted comedy, mimicry and jokes during ragging can make it a lot of fun. Hence, if conducted in a healthy manner, the practice provides a great kick-start to the...
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