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Argument essay
Topic : Any student caught cheating in school or college exams should be automatically dismissed. Do you agree or disagree?

I. Introduction
General statement:
Students in these days have followed the path of trying to do anything to achieve best grade. And they may think cheating on an exam might seem like an easy way for a student to get a good grade and get ahead in his or her career. Thesis statement:

Although there are many certainly reasons why students must cheat on their exams to be stayed in class or just cope with their situation, I believe that immediate punishment is necessary/ dismissing automatically is unacceptable when caught any students cheating in school or college exams. II. Body

* Supporting ideas:
* Cheating is an unacceptable way to get good grade, so ignoring automatically student’s cheating is also difficult to accept. * Dismissing this students, it must skip for other student. As a result, testing room are allowed to cheat. That leads to chaos in the room. * Ignoring cheating also does not reflect equally more hard working students or correct result about students. * Dismissing automatically will break rules:

* Allowing students cheating in exams is against academic policy or university rules. * Being favor of fraud in testing hours affects seriously the quality of students and the quality of universities. * Counter argument

* Counter argument :
- Some students may argue that because of situation, they have no choice but cheat to complete the test on time in the hopes of passing the test, so the examers should sympathise for them and dismiss despite of catching them. - Some students may cheat because they have a lot of personal issues that occupies their time so that they have no time for studying with reasons in order to earn money for fees in universities due to poor family circumstances. * Concession: I understand / I...
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