Understanding Iconography

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ART 101 Week 1 Assignment Reading Art Understanding
Understanding iconography, the symbolic meaning underlying images, is one aspect of visual literacy. Visual literacy and understanding the roles of the artist deepens one’s appreciation of art in general. The Week One assignment reinforces concepts presented in Ch. 1 & 2 regarding artists’ roles and understanding art.  

Review Ch. 1 & 2 of A World of Art.
Review the multimedia: Reading Art – Understanding Iconography multimedia: http://corptrain.phoenix.edu/sites/art101r4/index.html  
·         Choose two works of art.
·         Refer to the resources listed in Appendix B and Ch. 1 & 2 in A World of Art. In addition, you may use other sources in your search for examples of artwork.  
·         Be sure at least one of your selected art works holds symbolic significance.  
Write a 300- to 350-word essay summarizing an artist’s roles as applied to your artwork. Include the following:  
·         A brief explanation of the four roles of the artist ·         An explanation of why your work exemplifies one specific role, as discussed in Ch. 1 ·         An explanation of the iconographic or symbolic significance of one work of art  

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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