Underage Drinking

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Michael Hollier
Professor Campbell
Sociology 101 Night Class
11 September 2011
Underage Drinking

In the article “The Scope of the Problem” it talks about how alcohol is the main cause of deaths for youth drinkers. Drinking at an early age can lead to many risks and consequences in the future. Statistics show that drinking and alcohol problems are high among many groups of people all around the globe. Everyone around the globe drink for different purposes such as to celebrate traditions, weddings, a victory, birthdays, and etc. Boys and girls under the age twenty-one both drink the same amount but as they grow older, statistics show that men participate more in everyday and heavy drinking which is why men have more drinking problems than women because survey says that men have more problems that occur in their lives as to women.

The topic I chose was underage drinking because it is very common in some industrial countries. The article talks about all the statistics of underage drinking and the consequences that come along with it. To study and do research on this topic, researchers did many surveys to show all the incidents that occurred with youth drinking and the problems that came along with it. In the surveys, researchers found out that more male drinkers have more drinking problems when they are young than females do. They also found out that underage drinking for minors is both widespread and very harmful. By this the researchers meant that underage drinkers are not just around in the United States but around the world as well. Minors do not understand the risks they are taking when they drink because they ignore that drinking is the leading cause of deaths for minors. In a research, they compared how minors drink to adults. The youth drinkers drink heavily by consuming five to ten drinks per occasion five times a month where as adults drink two to three drinks per occasion about nine to ten times a month. Even though drinking may be fun for youth drinkers, they do not know the negative consequence that can occur.

When drinking, there are many negative consequences that occur with youth drinkers. They do not know when they have enough putting themselves at risk. They reach alcohol levels where they lose conscience and black out causing mental damage as well as many other factors. Physical, academic, and social problems can be caused by underage drinking. Underage drinking can cause physical problems like brain damage and doing stupid things which leads to breaking something or worse, become paralyzed for the bad choices they made. Academics is another major cause because it can affect the brain killing brain cells that you need to help you think and focus on school. And lastly, social problems are another cause because it can lead to being lonesome which makes you want to drink even more. Statistics show that alcohol is the leading factor to injury or death because of the risk they take. Another negative factor is that alcohol plays a risky role in unprotected sexual intercourse. This is one of the main factors in some teen pregnancies. Underage drinkers tend to become irresponsible leading to these causes that appear in their lives. Another bad cause when drinking at a young age, it increases the risk developing alcohol disorders when growing up. Statistics show the main consequences of underage drinking leads to memory loss, social isolation, and death from alcohol poisoning problems. Youth drinkers know this already but they drink anyway.

Alcohol poisoning is the top severe cause to many under aged drinkers. Alcohol poisoning is one of the main effects youth drinkers obtain to get because they do not know their limits. Many of these tragedies occur on college campuses because of all the drinking that takes place in the college life. Although alcohol poisoning is main cause to many drinkers in the early stages of life, reports show that dangerous drinking can affect them in...
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