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University of Washington
The University of Washington, also referred to as UDub, is home to the Huskies, or also known, as the Dawgs. Purple and gold is the colors for the school. It is a public research university located in Seattle, Washington. UDub, being one of the oldest universities in the West Coast, was founded in 1861 and was called the Territorial University of Washington by Arthur A. Denny who was the early founder of Seattle. The settlers thought that more people would come to Seattle is there was a school.

UDub was built on a donated site called "Denny's Knoll" in downtown Seattle. The university started out weak, struggling to stay open after closing three times because of the lack of students and the shortage of funds. By the time Washington had joined the union in 1889, the universities population had grown from a mere 30 to 300. Later, they moved campuses to Union Bay to satisfy the growing number of students enrolling. Unfortunately, they were not able to sell the old campus site, instead they leased it.

During the World Wars, the campus was used to temporary house the soldiers that were preparing to fight. In 1964, they made one of the most important developments by opening a medical school. The medical school is now the University of Washington Medical Center and is one of the top medical hospitals in the United States. In the next decade, the enrollment went from 16,000 to 32,000 because of the baby boom era. In 1990, they opened additional campuses in Tacoma and Bothell.

UDub receives tourists regularly because of its beautiful architect and location. UDub would also be a good school to go to if you choose because of all the different cultural aspects you will encounter. One doesn't need to be a student to visit the campus. Around the area there are many historical buildings and places of value one can visit. UDub is famous for their cherry blossom trees which come during the spring. If someone is visiting the Seattle area during the...
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