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University of California, Riverside

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is one of 10 universities within the prestigious University of California system, and the only UC located in the Inland Empire of Southern California. UCR is widely recognized as one of the most ethically diverse research universities in the nation, UCR’s current enrollment is more than 20,000 students with a goal of 21,000 students by 2020. The mission statement for UCR is, “The University of California, Riverside serves the needs and enhances the quality of life of the diverse people of California, the nation and the world through knowledge-its communication, discovery, translation, application, and preservation. The undergraduate graduate and professional degree programs; research programs; and outreach activities develop leader who inspire, create, and enrich California’s economic, social, cultural, and environmental future.” UCR has serves many purposes however, its core focus is to develop leaders that make valuable contributions to the economy, society, culture and our environment. UCR is not only very diverse with student admissions but it is one of the most diverse employers in the nation as well. The university has strict Affirmative Action, Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964 and diversity policies and they provide extensive recruitment training to ensure that the universities recruitment policies are not being violated. UCR is on the leading edge of pioneering research that challenges many of us on a day-to-day basis.

UCR is the only public research university in Inland Southern California recruits and educates students from all over the world. The university achieves this by offering 80 Bachelor Degree, 46 Master’s Degree’s, 38 PhD. Programs and 17 State Teaching Credentials. The campus sits on 1,200 acres near the Box Springs Mountains in the city of Riverside, Ca. UCR admits 21,000 diverse students from all over the world and can house approximately 25% of the students they admit. There are 8 academic units, which consist of College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science; College of Natural and Agricultural Science; College of Engineering; School of Business Administration; Graduate School of Education; College of Biomedical Sciences; University Extension; and the newly added, School of Medicine. The University employs more than 13,300 full-time employees statewide and 16,335 nationwide. UCR’s economic contribution to the state of California is over $1.4 Billion dollars.

The university’s support services are divided into 2 units. One supports any activities of the Main Campus and the other unit supports the housing activities. Each of these units is unique and has it’s own operating budget. The units have different sources of income and one relies heavily on state and federal money while the other is considered self-sufficient because it generates a lot of income from conferences and events that occur through out the year. Housing, Dinning, and Residential Services (HDRS) is to most sustainable unit at UCR. HDRS has its own departments completely independent of other similar departments from Main Campus. HDRS has its own HR, IT, Custodial, Maintenance, Grounds, Leasing, Dinning, Catering, Sales, and Conference departments. The chain of command goes as follows from highest rank to lowest rank; Assistant Vice Chancellor, Executive Director, Director, Manager, Supervisor, and staff. This differs from unit as Main Campus has their own chain of command structure. Senior Managers get paid a monthly salary and supervisors and front line employees get paid hourly on a bi-weekly basis. The change from monthly pay to bi-weekly pay for supervisors and front line employees was due to a UC system wide change that streamlined all payroll from one unit for all universities. The university, except for front line staff, dictates all salary and hourly wages because their wages are all negotiated between the university and the...

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