Twisted Mind of the Grim Reaper

Topics: Murder, Serial killer, Ted Bundy Pages: 4 (1529 words) Published: April 7, 2013

A handsome young man hobbling furiously on his crutches requests a beautiful young woman to assist him to his vehicle. She cannot help but to be drawn towards his charismatic persona, completely taken in by his easy charm. Suddenly, her face is a mask of horror as the cold smiling gentleman raises his arm to bludgeon her. Her anguished screams reverberate in the cold night. This was how notorious serial killer Ted Bundy lured his victims and sexually assaulted them. A serial killer is defined as someone who murders 3 to 4 victims with a ‘cooling off’ period in between. The killer is usually a stranger to the victim. The murders will often appear to be random and unconnected. Victims chosen are usually vulnerable, least likely to gain an upper hand in a struggle and have a distinctive meaning to the serial killer. Serial killing has become an epidemic that is plaguing our society that they are considered the 21st century bogeyman. The childhood pattern of the serial killer, motives, character profile and modus operandi as well as the psychological phases a serial killer goes through in his mind will be discussed.

There are several elements in the childhood patterns of a serial killer such as brain damage, personal experience and environment. First of all, damage to the frontal lobe of the brain which is the centre for sexual response and aggression causes dire consequences. This invokes the inability to distinguish sexual excitement and violence. It also erases the ability to conduct oneself appropriately in social settings. Other than that, personal experience such as an endless chain of horrifying verbal, physical or sexual abuse suffered at the hands of a family member also shapes an unstable individual. They will exhibit attachment disorder where they fail to form any kind of attachment to their primary care giver. Later in life, they are unable to display affection, compassion or empathy. Moreover, the most dominant...
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